आवाज अभियान नेपाल

Awaj Aviyan Nepal

Girls Action against Sexual Abuse

Katarina (Name changed) is an active member of Highway adolescent
irls group of Jogimara formed by AAN under Center Nepal hotspot project. She always attends in issue based discussion meeting and awareness rising activities in organized manner in her group.

Once she was walking through the highway near the eateries a boy teased and tried to touch her private part. She cried and called her friend for help. Then the boy escaped from there with his vehicle.

Katarina noticed the vehicle number and reported to police with the help of rolex replica adolescent girl’s group leaders and AAN volunteer Akxeta Malla.


The police was able to find the vehicle near the road toll tax booth in Jogimara and took him to police station.

After staying one day in police custody the boy confessed his guilty and apologized with Katarina.  


Current Involvement In Network

NGO federation Nepal, National alliance for human rights and social justice Nepal, Children as Zone of peace Dhading, Child rights Network and Honorary Member of International society for prevention child abuse and neglect ISPCAN USA

Current Partners

Ministry of Youth and sports, Kathmandu Nepal, Youth partnership program 2009, Legatum Foundation and Geneva Global inc. USA, Helvetas Swiss inter cooperation Nepal.

Contact Details

Awaj Aviyan Nepal
Nilkantha Municiplity -3
Dhadingbesi , Dhading
Phone: 977-010-520966
Email: info@awajaviyannepal.org,