AAN -आवाज अभियान नेपाल- News and Event in detail

Outreach visits

Adolescent  group members, child clubs had conducted 2 outreach visit conducted in the Prithivi highway at Benighat Rorang Rural Municipality with the coordination of Local police and stake holders. The adolescent groups had provided letter to the hotel and eateries owners with the subject not to have child labors in their business as it is illegal in Nepal. The group’s members visited to 68 hotels with the letter and leaflet for making them sensitized in the child protection issues.

The group’s members also put the sticker on the wall of the hotel, eateries and other shops with the message against the child labor and child sexual exploitation. The sticker gives the positive pressure to hotel owners for not keeping minor in their business.

During this outreach visits 22 child labor were found working in the hotels. AAN has coordinated with the municipality to address this problem.  AAN staff met with women and children committee of Benighatrorang Rural Municipality and informed about the situation. AAN also met the chairperson. The municipality are positive to and have plan to send the letter mentioning the using minors in their business is illegal. AAN has also send the letter to all hotel owners of the highway side of Benighat rorang. Most of the owners are positive. Some of them have send back the minors home after contacting the parents.

This types of events make the owners sensitized against CSEC and child labor. in addition it has also created community pressure against promoting or engaging in CSEC


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